few extracts of the text

… Enter the big fly. It's making a lot of noise. She settles on the desk. The office worker doesn't give her any attention. He continues to read. The fly flies again. It sits on his papers. He gives chase to it with a distract gesture. The fly goes away…

… The employee's chair takes wing with the file that he's reading. He find him over his desk while he continues to read. He looks down slightly. He doesn't pay any attention…

… The light is switched on, illuminating the employee that is constructing a sort of house made out of desks. Like a tunnel that leads under the desk. In come in the cleaning ladies with their buckets and brooms. The employee invites them to a conducted tour very detailed of his construction…

… The musician sleeps now in the hammock that is under the desk. The desk becomes an house's roof. The rain begins to fall


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