Greetings (les salutations)
A play on language challenging the relationship between the sense of words and their sound mass. How much do words say what we wish to say.

By pushing to extremes the messages of Ionesco one arrives at a mechanical musical choreography. Six actors face the audience and soul-lessly interpret some pages from the dictionary of emotions.

Hard-Boiled Egg (l'œuf dur)
A demonstration both playful and scientific on the art and method of cooking a hard-boiled egg. Continually interrupted by dreams and wide-opening imagination.
Scenario on a philosophic base where the symbol of the egg travels together with the unfolding action in the turning wheel of the conception of the world and of life.

The language of images and sound offered in the highly detailed annotations of this scenario lead out into a constantly transforming universe where pleasure and seriousness are interlinked in a profound poetry without limits.

Anger (la colère)
A scenario rising to a crescendo, a small fresco of daily life showing, through a couple's uncontrolled quarrel, how a small annoyance over a mere trifle can drag in all sorts of unreasonable anger, the whole mechanism of hate.

Six actors on view in three “test-tube” dwellings play out a compressed scene from daily life. The echoing of three identical situations, of a song for three sets of voices, outlines how happiness can harden into hatred and the destruction of all hope.


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