… The emotion is subtle, it feels the sand flowing out, the shimmer of a face on the water. It feels the day, the night and the tree which grows, the fruit which colours. The show enters in the field of the fable, the philosophical tale and dispenses easily with particles of conventional language.
Courrier Picard - France

… A pure language of pictures to escape from reality. The sound of the water, the flow of the sand coming from a star lead us on the path of poetry. The puppet theatre traditions, as the shadow play, take a new original feature in this performance and combine wonderfully with the moving picture, used in an unexpected way.
Neufchâtel News - Switzerland

…This show can not be narrated. It is to live, to feel, to be proven where the heart can be moved. A universe, in light and shade, in backlighting, subtle miscellany of strangeness and fragility, fumbles its own way, to feed an aesthetic of the secret, where words often fade away in front of the pictures. Possible lapse into dream, to wonder, with no narrative.
L'Agenda - France


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