Visual and sound devices which emphasise what emanates from chosen sites. Through precise compositions, using rather brute materials, a universe emerges, like another view of space. An attempt to transgress what the place tells in its poetic course.

2000, (C.N.E.S.)
Installation of mini-scenographies which when later animated become the stroll of “Thresholds”.

Winter 2001, (C.C.V.N.)
The Phantom Attic, created with children of the Val-de-Nièvre on the theme of the absurd and of fear.

Spring 2002, (C.A.M.)
A route-installation around the poems of Nikos Houliaras in the old arsenals of Hania in Crete, where “Landscapes” was premiered.

May 2004,
Glance at residence Merci à la légèreté installation in the church of Bussy within the framework of the “Marionnettes en chemins”.

Tuesdays of April 2005, 2006 and 2007, (Maison du Théâtre)
Petites Perceptions, installation intended to greet the public during evenings of spectacle. Playful arrangement of a place of meeting and of post-performance recovery.

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