text Alain Béhar
scene conception, scenography Éclats d'États
interpretation Katerini Antonakaki, Emmanuel Jorand-Briquet, Bertrand Sachy
music Christine Moreau
lights Paolo Cafiero
costumes Bertrand Sachy
constructionYves Guyart
gaze Philippe Rodriguez-Jorda

performance produced with La Communauté de communes du Val de Nièvre, the T.E.B. and the Theater of Comédie de Picardie ; realised with the support of Amiens Metropole, the Conseil General de la Somme, and the D.R.A.C. (Ministry of Culture).

The fact that this creation has been accompanied by a writing and photography workshop, made this project a strong point on the work of public sensibilisation in rural surroundings with contemporary writers. Simply to fancy people, that sometimes hardly know how to write, to think about themselves and testify to their space of life. An art-exhibition of these texts and photographs accompany the performance.



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