…Who hasn't wanted to be a fly on the wall... to catch an intimate moment unawares ? And what if flies, those tiny little creatures, had the power to spy on our inner existence ? And what if their multi-faceted eyes could analyse what we can't see: the subtle alchemy of our dreams and emotions ?... There is no action in this theatre piece, but rather the infinite play of weight and counter-weight, of strings and machinery, of turning stages and suspended objects... We're swimming in poetry. In utter bliss.
L'express 1/11/ 1999 - Neuchâtel, Switzerland

… A puppet performance and theatre, both of the highest quality. A charming, naïve performance with great poetic subtlety and the imagination of child's play... a poetic sensitivity, man's passion and dream to create a new beautiful and peaceful world, full of love, for human beings and nature alike.
Rizospastis 14/4/2000 - Athens, Greece

… Seated, without a sound and in the space of an hour, we see what exists between words : pauses, silence and a whole range of emotions. Beautiful and moving.
Helsingin Sanomat 13/8/2000 - Helsinki, Finland

… It's the world seen from a bug's eye view, thus infinitely small. Noises, sounds, puppets and sets are modelled in miniature. Exquisite finesse, delightful design.
La Marseillaise 16/12/2000 - Marseille, France


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