… Actors and spectators of Landscapes are definitely touched by the cry against today's society of isolation. Therefore, Landscapes is worth much more than a play: one could see it as the keys to interpret this world. Émile S. Fouda
Liberté de Normandie - France

… Éclats d'États play with objects in order to rise the emotions of the spectators. Their work manipulates space and scenography, objects and images, music and sounds, actors and puppets as to create extremely poetical pieces.
La Marseillaise - France

… As a conduit for extraordinary danced movements, barrier of a theatrical hero, or as a set design, as in the case of eclats d'etats, the human body bewitches us with the truth it bears in its kernel. Its use may differ, its appearance may change, its dimensions are being re established at any moment....The microcosm eclats d'etats set up bears all the magnificence of human life, making us feel equally small with the tiny figures appearing in their works.
Hight-Lights - Athens, Greece



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