A performance for all over the age of five

A strange and ephemeral garden, a translucent greenhouse cut off from reality and linked to other dimensions. A lady-gardener and scientist of pebbles of all kinds, carries out a series of experiments to define the pebble's role in development of human thought.

Another unusual character - guardian of the equilibrium between trajectory and atmospheric pressure - moves around the walls of the greenhouse posing metaphorical questions on the subject of pebbles.


A few words suspended in the void on transparent tubes and other improvised means.  Flowerpots that breathe, water-cans that sow, a wheelbarrow that sings, pebbles that hang, grow and fall.

Projects and exchanges linked to the production

Throughout the 2004-2005 school year we met with children from 11 primary school classes in Picardy, to share with them each stage of the creative process. Their observations, remarks, ideas and questions have enriched the project and guide us in our approach to the theme. For the children it was an opportunity to explore a subject in depth, to take a look at the evolution of Man's thinking and to uncover the winding paths leading to artistic creation.

Three interactive conferences were devised on the subject of pebbles in relation to art, philosophy and science, which could be held in advance of a performance for a schools audience. A playful approach preparing children and those accompanying them for a richer reading of the performance.

Once the spectacle was created we worked with two classes of the school of Dives-sur-Mer to put together a display of make - shift tableaux around pebbles and haiku captions. Such a display could act as a prologue to the performance itself - a sample of poetic plasticity.


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