Thresholds is a diptych depicting the two stages of a meeting between Patrick Kermann and Éclats d'États.

Thresholds - a stroll
First part - created in march 2000

…A stroll through installations created out of excerpts from previous texts. The attempt to define an approach : an investigation of coincidence and / or the discrepancy between two universes made up of images and of languages. Out of this, scenes of intimacy and closeness, whispered words and suggested images, moments caught in time.

Thresholds - scenic
second part - created in april 2001

…A “scenic” text written for Eclats d'Etats. Commentary on a stroll. A dramatic poem about image and performance. A treatise on the reflection of the other, and of one's self faced with the other. Two characters, surrounded by a choir of voices, look for each other in a "developing" space - their fleeting thoughts put on stage. Like a zoom that doesn't belong to rational time, past or future, but rather to a moving moment in time. A sensitive distinction between two infinities : the threshold.


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