Katerini and Emmanuel change us into a feast of feelings, desires, refusals, and fears. Finding freedom means delving down deep and that's where we go. A journey through the depths of our being, an amazing performance. We're invited to relax. To bite into words, feel them, to bathe in images projected onto fine, smooth textiles. Renaissance, softness. Finally !
Midi Libre - Avignon, France

Plastics beauties undeniable : agreeable movements playing-dancing, seductive textiles-screen effects, remarkable work about the pictures.
La Marseillaise - Marseille, France

Burst of pictures and sounds, objects exhumed of words, traces of a ruined empire and a lost time : it's sweet and painful like a journey to the familiars and loved deaths, loved. It's beautiful like the absence, like a disaster, and terribly stirring.
La Provence - France


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