In february 1999, La Chartreuse in Villeneuve-les-Avignon had organized a metting between puppets companies and contemporary writers. From this reciprocal presentation of our works, is born a project.

…“With Patrick Kermann we don't have only meet, but we recognized each other through something that is not a style, not a form, not a story but rather a mutual sensibility, a way of writing very close, him with his words, us with our pictures. A desire to not explain a fable, but to suggest by sensibility and inspeakable”.
Éclats d'États
(Revue MÛ, n° 14)

…“ We share a preoccupation with the absence of narrative. Characters speak and then become speechless. The fable's temporality operates in the mode of phantoms and ghosts appearing and disappearing; temporality is composed of physical micro-events. I like their aesthetic - it revolves around catastrophe, absence and deconstruction”.
Patrick Kermann (Revue MÛ, n° 13)


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